Thursday, July 15, 2010

Too High

Got home tonight and my grass seems to be a bit too high. It was just mowed last week, yet I think my Lawn Guy and Crew need to visit on Saturday. I tell myself I oughta invest in a lawn mower--so just to mow when I feel fit. Hmm. Guess I ain't felt that fit enough since I ain't bought one. Yea, good grammar I know, I digress...and it could be fear of somehow chopping my hand off while I mow might be part of it too...

Thought of my KC Chum today and I didn't even hear our anthem Sister Sledge "We Are Family" when I did. Nope. Thought of when I zipped to and thru Kansas City, on my trek to Iowa a week or so ago. How it woulda been nice to stop and do lunch or coffee. The next time I journey North, I just may have to make sure I stop. OK-I just smiled, because I recall us sippin some Saki and playing our version of trivia, while another friend tired of us. Or the time we got lost and found the not so safe part of Omaha and released balloons or the time....yea, time for a visit.

Think I need to go out to my backyard, check on the grass there and to make sure my peach tree hasn't fried in the heat. Then I'll take a gander upward to the clouds...
...and be assured dreams are never too high.

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