Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Toast of Tuesday

That's what my Blue Bell Peaches and Homemade Ice Cream will be--

Just a smidge of an update. Yesterday, I wrote about how Bear's, my ex, Facebook page said he was married. Then by the time I came home last night Bear's page was gone. There's also been no response to my text. of congrats. I am still kinda sorta surprise I've heard nothing, yet I'm kinda sorta not. I just hope Bear's happy.

Ya know, in recent times, two relationships meant alot to me. Bear and Movie Man, another I'd posted about. They were/are two totally different men yet more alike than I realized. If there was way to merge em together, I'd have the most perfect man--well, except Bear hated cats and Movie Man liked them, but was allergic. So the 'perfect man' would need to like cats and take allergy pills or shots--

I digress.

These two knew of each other. Bear and Movie Man even met. We all laughed and it was a fun moment in time. We even tried to start our own writers' group--which just lasted one time. I still have the papers they wrote that one and only time. They may have been jealous of each other in a dizzy kind of way. Bear and Movie Man both knew what one man gave me, the other man wouldn't or couldn't.

The main thing is I loved them both. And now both are out of my life. For awhile, actually. When enough was enough of me being mad at myself (not them) for my actions, I realized it was time to close the chapter. If we should ever cross paths again, we'd have our past and it's OK to visit--I just can't stay there. We would basically start all over to know each other now. And realize it all can't be like before. I would get made at myself all over again...

My smidge became more of a smudge.

Oh well.

Blue Bell Peaches and Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream makes a smidge, smudge smile-

So 'cuse me, my bowl awaits to runneth over!


Anonymous said...

Hey what happened to MovieMan? He disappeared from the posts. Isn't that the one from the Best Burgers in town?

Don's Girl said...

HA! Yes, the place was Burger Island which IS the best Burger Place in Dallas and yes, again Movie Man I would frequent there.

What happened to Movie Man? It's a Season of Seperation right now--the future can bring anything...

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