Sunday, July 25, 2010

So Sunday All That

Got my Praise ON today at my church, Inspiring Body of Christ Church (IBOC) for short. The message, by Pastor Rickie Rush, dealt with the oppression Satan put on you so long ago. It's part of your life and you've just excepted it. There could be something other folk see wind up prejudging you.

I thought of lack of a left ear. Microtia, it's called--born without an ear. Got a teeny tiny lobe on my left. A full right ear tho. Back in the prehistoric age, when I grew up, I'm sure questions of my able to hear and learn, were asked daily. Nobody really knew--except me.
Then I thought how I was one of maybe three black kids in my entire class. In fact, by the time I graduated high school, I was the ONLY black student in my class, and one half of the black student body in the entire grades 9-12 to boot.

How I have two first names and a hyphen separates them. Oh, and yes, I do have a middle name. My classmates didn't know all that until we graduated. I felt I was singled out with the ear because it seemed I took a million hearing tests a week, being black, and then two first names? Of course, I need to add my mom died when I was 13.

As I sat in the church house today, I pondered
So did Satan oppress me?
I do believe he did.
And on this day, I do know Who possesses me.
Satan ain't likin' that
Good. mic
-the picture posted is part of IBOC's aquarium-

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Old Kitty said...

It's about time you tell nasty satan to back off!! Because what probably prejudiced you all those years ago has made you stronger and best of all one who is a creative unique and artistic individual! So there satan, up yours! Pardon my french!


Take care

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