Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A little...

Tuesday for ya. Hot here in Dallas. Around 98 or so with heat index of 104.

However all is well. A/C cranks out the cool air. Taking a break from school. Well, for a night anyway.

A new class, started today--and I don't have to do anything in it, until tomorrow. So a break is needed. Oh the last class, which ended yesterday, couldn't end soon enough. I will get my lowest grade in that class. With no PC, no camaraderie within our Team projects, my not turning in some projects--even tho I enjoyed the subject matter, the situation stunk. I counted down seconds to the five weeks' end. So a new class. A new vigor. I want my "A" back. Stay tuned.

Seems like alot has happened. I am so glad I headed to Iowa. Granted, when I was about 10 miles away from my hometown, my chum Deb was on the phone telling me the turn out wasn't like they thought--GREAT. All in all it didn't matter--I had a BLAST. I think I told you, I had lunch with a classmate, here in Dallas, last week, didn't I?

We knew each other in high school, yet not close buds or anything. We had a nice chat at the Reunion. And he lives about 20 minutes from me. What was neat for me, and maybe him too, was being able to chat with somebody who knew you 'before'--From high school, anyway and able to talk about today and tomorrow. I love the chums I've made in Dallas, although there's something to be said to chat with someone who recalls a little past moment in time--just like you do--just "before."

Food was good too.

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Old Kitty said...

I hope you get you A back!!!! :-)
And glad you had a great reunion and touched base (I love that phrase - it's soooooo American!!!) with old chums who knew you "before"!!!

Have a lovely rest!

take care

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