Saturday, July 31, 2010

And then....

It's Saturday
Feel like staying in bed.
I mean, doesn't this kitty's eyes pretty much speak it?

Alas I must rise. Do wanna get errands do before before the sun bakes us. In fact, there's a play in Ft Worth I want to see. A guy, I kinda know, is the male lead. Well, he's the only male in it. Of course, in my spoiled only child way, I don't want to see WAAAAAAAAAAAY back in the theatre. Now forget there's only 100 or so seats in the theatre, so how bad can the seats really be?

Other stuff on tap today too. I have a writing schedule of non-fiction stuff for school and FUN fiction stuff. Stay tuned on all that. I'm enjoying the FUN fiction stuff. The set up is sorta changed from what I had before. Plus, I realize I need to jot the notes down of my changes--because--well, I can't remember them. Guess I'm not as Supergirl as I thought!

And then
Coconut cream pie and a cup o coffee will
May just be on the Saturday playlist too.


Old Kitty said...

Awwww the kitty eyes are dreamy!! :-)

I hope you have a fab day at Ft Worth!!! And yay that you are relishing your fiction writing - I hope you put some of it here! :-)

Wow.. coconut cream pie... Yum!

have a great Saturday!
Take care

Don's Girl said...

Well--since there are only 100 or so seats in the theater--the show is sold out for this afternoon...! However I may call just to be sure--you know, the old fashioned way!

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