Friday, June 18, 2010


It's Friday and I am SO glad. Will be another scorcher in Dallas tomorrow--over 100 degrees. I do have some errands to do and those will be done in the morning time. My splurge after errands will be "Toy Story." And this paper I gotta tweak--like I said, "Toy Story."

Honestly, I hadn't planned to see "Toy Story." Just didn't think I'd like it. Maybe run out of steam, since it is the third one. Yet its reviews have been great--so why not? Plus, I always love me some Tom Hanks. See, Tom's a guy I would date. I'd make him a pie everyday if he wanted one. Even a pie I didn't like--yep. for Tom. :)

Did I tell you I went back to the rec center? I'm pretty much the youngest one there. You must be a 'golden age' to even join. I'm taking it easy and get my body to work again. I can feel a difference when I walk. Tonight, heck--I forwent the pizza I craved--even the ice cream, and chowed salad and an orange. Maybe I'm back into something good to infinity and beyond.....?



Old Kitty said...

Oh you must tell me if Toy Story was fab?? I absolutley adore Toy Story especially the second one - I CRIED during Jessie the Yodeling cowgirl's story - you know when she's forgotten under the bed and gets taken to the charity sale... oh buckets of tears!!!!

I hope it was fun though - I can't wait to see this and Shrek 3 as well.

YAY!! with your healthy eating and exercise regime - good luck!!!

Take care

Laoch of Chicago said...

It is always sad to forgo pizza!

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