Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time Passed...

Teeny tiny break from the blog. Not intentional. Every time I thought about a post, it was either too late and/or I was too tired. My cat has a blog too, yet he kinda wasn't into his a much as he likes either....

Main thing, I finished the class that made my head just ache. Plus we had a team project and one member had things happen to her. And we all do--however I don't want to know them in outline form. After the teacher didn't like the paper I was most proud of, I realized a new class was coming and I'd have another chance.

That new class started two days ago. I have to write papers, however they don't seem as stressful as the previous class. This teacher pretty much gave us a chart (yes, a chart) of what needs to go in a paper to have it be excellent, average, etc. Plus a word range, not just a flat number. The new wrinkle in this class is we must keep a journal of the text we read, some exercises, plus our thoughts of the class for the week. We're getting to be 'one' with ourselves. Not so many papers, but writing--but more of our thoughts. Stay tuned.

In this hiatus away, I realize I've gotten crankier as I've gotten older, more impatient and just not to have my time wasted by dilly dally of others. Hmm. Menopause. Yea, must be.

Also started to read a book by a favorite author of mine, who happens to be local: Francis Ray. She's the one who suggested I write a screenplay of a story. The heroine of this book is a full figured Bronze Goddess--like ME! So stay tuned.

Then I searched for more of my Roots. All the while I thought my great greats were slaves in Virginia. And they may have been at one juncture, however by 1850, when Gramps was 36 and Gran was 26--they, and their kids were Free! Just discovered this. They were in Loudon County, Virginia, maybe even around Leesburg-where there evidently was a part of land that was the largest population of blacks---Freed. I look forward to finding out more. I continue to hunt down family. A great auntie passed away in Denver in 1971 at the age of 87. I'm hunting for family that may still be around Denver. Now THIS is exciting.

Also in these few days away, met a couple men who made me laugh and gave real good hugs.

Not such a bad break away at all.


Old Kitty said...

Wow - so much going on!! And amazing discoveries about your family tree! One of my favourite progs on telly isn "Who do you think you are" - basically famous people trace their family tree all the way to whenever - FASCINATING!!! Really and truly - so GOOD LUCK with yours and do keep us posted.

I hope you enjoy being one with yourself and your course! :-) Are you also expected to share these thoughts with your class? that will be tough for me if I had to do that (being shy and retiring! LOL!).

Oh I'm a million times grumpier than I was five years ago!! LOL! And I ain't the only one - I've worked in the same place and with the same few people since 2000 and we are all growling at the world and each other the more years pass! LOL!

Now you don't mean nice hugs from Uncle MaxMaxx and handsome Noir do you????? :-)

Take care

Don's Girl said...

Ha! Even tho I love the cuddles from my Baby Noir and my Big Boy MaxMaxx--I did mean the hugs of men on just TWO feet! They were very nice!

Somehow, Kitty, I don't picture you being all shy and retiring! :)

As for the TV show, we had an American version sorta, that ran for about 6 weeks. I enjoyed what I saw--and made me more interested in my roots.

Thanks again for your support! Hug Charlie for me!!!!

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