Wednesday, June 2, 2010

School Crush

Yep. A crush and I don't mean the fun, good, sweet kind of the object of your affection smiling at you in Geometry Class. Now, being older you wonder if he really smiled at you or wanted first dibbs on your Geometry home work? I digress.

My instructor in my current college class crushed me about my latest paper. Honestly, I felt GREAT about this paper. Enjoyed even to write it. Interviewed two folks who work in the human services field. I just KNEW my paper was gonna hit the bulls eye.


The instructor said my paper 'jumped all around" and my questions posed and their answers were 'not focused." I had to list my questions and evidently I soured the milk by not asking about their daily 'routine'--well, to me they explained what they did daily and I wrote about it. I will admit I about blew my top. Yes, I knew this a paper was of our own doing, however if she wanted us to ask particular things maybe she should have provided a list? Oh, and she said I had a 'poor intro'--and I thought it was GOOD. Reading is all in perception. Oh well.

I held it in. This is the LAST week of this class. I have another 1500 word paper of my own due Saturday, along with a 100 word contribution of my team I'm on. Also I will say, this class has been the most challenging--well, with the writing. And I consider myself a writer--a fiction one tho! My last two instructors required 700 words and occasionally 1000, and not every week. I guess this instructor wanted us to learn how to get it done. Maybe.

The papers have been my downfall. This class, especially, due to the new job going full throttle now, and oh yea, a dislike for writing non-fiction and really finding the time to write a 1500 word paper on whatever. This weeks paper will be about the United Nations. She gave us a list to pull from. I could just find an article, copy, paste, cite it and be done with it.
*sigh* Too honest I am. At least I felt good about one of these papers, so perhaps that IS a good sign.

What I've learned is, moving forward, I will try my best to jump head of writing the paper game. We know the due dates and subject, per the syllabus. These papers in this class, plus the extra stuff she's wanted us to do and work has wore me down--however this IS the last week of this class.

A new class starts June 8. Meanwhile I gotta cat curl after I get a dish of Blue Bell Vanilla n Cookies Ice Cream..
Stay tuned.

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Old Kitty said...

Oh no! Gosh your tutor sounds really harsh and very picky! Good grief.

But like you said, it's all in perception. You felt great writing it and great about it. And you got it in on time and didn't cheat like your other classmate! So good for you!

I say move on and upwards. Good luck with your next assignment - at least you now know how picky your instructor is! And of course you will do your best as always and exceed too! Oh yes you will!

Enjoy your kitties and your ice cream!

Take care

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