Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thoughts at 1:20 AM

It's Sunday Morning and I should be in bed. More time than intended was spent on a school paper. Part of our task was to turn it thru the Plagiarism dealy bop on the school's site. Gee, it spotted the quote (and my citation) of it as plagiarism...anyway. I finished all that a few minutes ago. I had to have it posted by 1:59AM.

I planned to be in bed by 1:59AM I still will be. Oh, and since this is an online class, our participation partly grade on our answer to discussion questions. Well, I notice a girl's response seemed familiar. I realized she'd copied and pasted her response from our online textbook. I was gonna through her under the bus and back over her, then I thought I'd e-mail her--then I thought know--I'll tell the teacher. Granted, the teach might already know--yet if I write those responses and mine are mine--then so should everybody!

Enough on that. On Saturday I attended a Remembering Mom luncheon. It was for those that have experienced mother loss. Today is hard for us--the hoopla surrounding Mom, and your mom isn't physically there for you to hoopla about. A hundred, mostly women and some men were there. At the end, we released balloons with little notes we attached, written to our moms. I got weepy then. I watched 'our' balloon soar high and out of site--pretty windy Dallas day. I prayed my mom was on the closet cloud and able to get my balloon.

I realized how much I missed Mom at that moment. How much I've missed out ON. I never really had a strong female role model after she passed. I knew that then, even though I couldn't define it.

My mom died 39 years ago at age 43. I've lived longer than Mom ever had a chance too. It's sad really. I've chartered territory we should have gone together. What adventures Mom and I would have had. That cats we would have fought over and the laughs we would have shared. How different my life would've been.

I know--things happen for a reason. God said it was time for Mom to go Home, those 39 years ago. But why when I was just a kid? The bible says God has a plan for me. My eyes and heart must be open to receive it. .

I wonder if they finally are.

Click here to read my Mother's Day post 2009.

I miss you, Mommy.

I made it to church this morning. Dragged alot. Not enough sleep. My Pastor Rickie Rush, of Inspiring of Christ Church spoke of Mothers, their purpose and their love for us. For me, I'd always wondered why my mother died when she and I were both so young. I carried alot of guilt about that.

Pastor Rush brought it on home to me. How Satan knows the child is a miracle. In my case, I was the try for a baby, after my parents suffered through four stillborns. How great things are in store for the child--so how to get at the child? I was born with one ear and nobody knew how far I would venture, then my mom dies when I'm 13. My main female influence was gone-so maybe my dreams, passions would die along with her.

Well, things may have been dormant for a spell, however you ain't seen nothing yet!

Stay tuned.


Old Kitty said...


I love the pics of you and your mum and I am truly sorry for the pain and sadness you feel when this day comes round. It's lovely that you celebrated this day by writing to her and sending her your note by balloon. She is always with you and will always look out for you.

I hope you had a good rest and good luck with your assignments. And very naughty of your fellow classmate to try and take the easy route! tut-tut!

Take care

Don's Girl said...

Ahh..I was young and restless--and didn't get enough rest. More has to do with one of the meds I take. can't get by on 5-6 hours sleep. I drag the next day. However, I'm headed to bed to watch TV and the cats with my legwarmers. Oh, I didn't hear from my teacher about the Easy Off class mate..oh well.

Thanks for your input.

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