Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Stuff

Three weeks until First of Summer and my a/c is on for the umpteenth day. The temp is over 95 degrees F. Yep, summer is so in our midst. No matter, I, as most of America, has tomorrow off due to Memorial Day. However, even with the heat, scenery doesn't appear to bake. Like that lots.
As for today, made to MY church, Inspiring of Body Church, with Pastor Rickie Rush. The message came from Isiah 38:1, the story of King Hezekiah. I've realized I enjoy the Old Testament alot--not sure, why, but I do. Alot of the message dealt with our Season of Infliction. To have us go through trials to make our dependence on God even more. Plus, there's a thing called "Spiritual Pride." The definition is how we make decisions without consulting God.
Yea, I admit my life has been about 95% Spiritual Pride. I got impatient. Never thought to ask God to reveal. Heck no. Just decided I had to come on with it and do myself.

How did that work for me?

It didn't. Big time. Explains the hullaba-boo-boo's along the way....

Mad cause I even did em, alas

I lived thru em and glad

I learned from em...

I am blessed.

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