Sunday, May 30, 2010

Still Sunday Stuff 3

Well, for about 10 more minutes anyway. Usually blog this late--cause usually, this time on a Sunday, I'd be in bed because Monday would be a work day. Yet, Memorial Day it will be. Who doesn't like a holiday fall on a Monday?

The a/c is still runnin'. Geez, it's going to be a long summer, even tho summer isn't quite here yet.

Mainly, the deal in these last 8 minutes of Sunday, I've pondered a bunch of stuff. My weight and how the 41 pounds I'd planned to lose did get lost alright. I think it just itself all over my hips. So yes, some of it has to go. School--and how I feel to start applying to places before I even get my degree, and then my parents. How, if I were back in Iowa, I would visit their graves, with roses in hand. I'd reminisce of Memorial Days past. Those days we'd spend the whole day together, either with other family members or just our family of three fishing and picnic-ing.

I'd also search for my paternal grandparents, buried in the same cemetery. I never knew either one. I'd let them know I know the names of my great-great grandparents, who were slaves in Loudon County, Virginia. But my paternal grandfather may have known all that since he was born in 1876, and his grandmother didn't pass until the early 1900's. History I want to uncover.

OK, two minutes left. And wouldn't you know I have a quick 30 minute school write up thingy to do? The school is two hours behind me and it won't take long. I am getting tired. And my bed awaits.

It's been a good Sunday.

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Old Kitty said...

Oh I hope you had a good rest. I hope you have a great Memorial Day too - I hope that one day you will visit your parents' and your granparents' resting places again with bunches of lovely roses for them!
Good luck with your 30 minute write up!
Take care

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