Saturday, May 15, 2010

So It Goes...

Headed to my New Member Orientation at Inspiring Body of Christ Church (IBOC) today. About 500 of us were there from about 10-3ish. We were split up into five group and rotated to five different stations to learn more about the church. It was suppose to be over at 2pm--however it's all OK. I feel closer to the church--still amazed I joined. A couple ladies I'd chatted with on different Sundays were there. One remembered my name, unfortunately I couldn't remember hers. Had a nice chat tho. Stay tuned.

Went to see "Just Wright" starring Queen Latifah. Not quite Oscar caliber, yet sweet.

I liked the Queen in that role. I could relate to the girl being one of the 'friends' of the guys and never 'that' girl. I always seemed to see the potential in men before they saw it in themselves. Plus the fact The Queen ain't a Size Zero accentuates the positive that there was no stereotype loud mouth black woman anywhere. I like watching old episodes of Livin' Single staring Queen Latifah--her talent and beauty were quite evident then. I would love to see her do something more hard hitting, another drama which would be much better than "The Secret Life of Bees" --I know she could handle it--she's a Queen.

Twas a good Saturday, and it's not ever yet. So it goes, I need get on and enjoy the rest of it!

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Old Kitty said...


It happens doesn't it - they know you're name your recognize them but can their name?? :-) It'll come to you!

Queen Latifah is gorgeous - but I've not heard about this film - maybe it'll be released later here in the UK! I hope so.

Take care

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