Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Moan

....and no, Denzel Washington didn't knock on my door... ..


More like I put together our group paper for my college class. I admit I tried to get out of it, because I'd already done it before, plus this other team exercise we had to do. We all wrote our seperate parts and then it had to be put together in APA format--yep, that's I think to--APA, huh? The person who said she would do it, had a death in the family and the other teammate said she works until 4:30am, and besides she'd already done ONE. Whatever.

Then we had an online exam to take. 3 hours to take and it would time us, plus only one shot at it. So since I'm such a good student, I'd not read that much material. So open up another browser and do open book exam. Yep, my kinda exam...

Ya know where I'm going with this? Come question 9, as I looked up cross cultures in the workplace and its impact--I accidentally X'd me out of the exam
Done. Fini. OUT. I looked a big 0% for my score. There were 39 questions. I answered 9. I did leave a message for the instructor. It's 9:01pm as I type this. This class is officially over at 12:59AM. I start a new class tomorrow. The exam was worth 15 points. If I calculate it right, I could get a high C. Not what I wanted--but it taught me, I gotta really at least SKIM the material...

Oh and a cat barfed on the floor.
Moan, is right.

I'm on my way to watch my DVR of 'Dancing With the Stars' with a dab of Blue Bell Ice cream...

Ain't all bad.

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

Oh no!!!!

Have you heard back from your tutor?? Have you been given a reprieve??

But it wasn't you fault and this must happen a lot in these online exams!! Oh Thomasina I do hope you get a sympathetic hearing - it's not your fault!!

Do let us know won't you?

I can't excuse the cat barfing... LOL! I'm sorry but these kitties are so gorgeous but they do the nastiest things! LOL!

Enjoy your dancing with stars and ice cream. I hope today brings good news about your exam!

Take care

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