Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Miss me?

Work is picking up, and we're still not sure what to completely do. Then school. Plus, this cat hogs the PC because he does HIS blog! The cat needs to get a JOB.

When I last left you, I mentioned my online classmate did a bit of plagiarizing. I did tell the teacher--such like a snitch I felt. And coincidentally, our Team project for this week--already written in the syllabus was about plagiarism! Kid you not. We have to discuss it and then take some test. Classmate is also on my team. Her comment was one, I knew she'd be taken to the Principal's office. She went on how could it be plagiarising--in the scenario (which was her scenario)--I gave my short, sweet and to the point answer. She may have been ticked, but oh well.

Also got my 1st week grades (this is a 5 week course). I have a low "A" all due to that 1000 word paper I wrote last week. At least I got it in ON time, but the teacher said it was choppy. Even tho I did include all she required in it. It was. I did do better--so, now I have a 1500 word paper due this Saturday. Gotta summarize 3 articles about something that has Dorothy and her little dog Toto going walking down some yellow brick road. all while should they have caught a cab when the house did its deed to the Wicked Witch --well, no, not really---

In the meantime, I gotta go be a couch potato and ready for American Idol. For those that watch the show, I'm pretty tired of Casey, even if he is from Texas. I like Crystal, Lee and Big Mike--in that order.
Stay tuned.


Old Kitty said...

Well you did the right thing!! And maybe this lesson on plagiarism will confirm what your classmate did was wrong.


Well done with your results - it's a great result! Well I think think so anyway. Good luck with this weekend's assignment too.

Noir is looking so lovely!

Take care

Don's Girl said...

That's my baby Noir!

thanks for your support, Kitty! I'll need it when I write this 1500 word deal on Child welfare in the us...ain't enough ice cream for me to get thru this!

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