Sunday, May 16, 2010

Green Stuff

And it ain't money. No worries tho. This is one corner of my house. I think I need to chop some of it, alas I really don't know to chop, so...
I'm off to enjoy more of the day, while the sun still shines! Made it to MY church this morning--Inspiring Body of Christ Church, that no matter how many times you have a setback, God is always there for you. Just let Him in!

Now, on this patch of greenery--I have NO idea what all that greenery is, do YOU? Those are little pink flowers that will bloom soon, and I don't know what kind of pink flowers those are either...

Back to Sunday!


Old Kitty said...


I'm going by the leaves - geranium?

they're lovely plants - very reliable and after flowering when the leaves die down, you chop them right down, cover in soil and up they come again.

That's if they're geraniums (cranesbill).

:-) Good luck with the greenery!

take care

Don's Girl said...

I don't think they're geranuims--I had those long ago. When they bloom I'll take a picture. The little lady who lived here,has plants that bloom all year round. I wish she were here to tell WHAT all this stuff was!! For the back yard alone, I never want to move from this place.

The New Me said...

It's Ivy dear, leave it be and it'll grow up the wall and cover part of your house, some people think it's pretty and sometimes it is, other times it's just a nuisance. In any case chop away, you'll have a helluva time killing it.

The flowering thing looks to be a chrysanthemum, though it's way too early for it to be blooming I don't care what zone u live in. Either the picture is a bit blurry or I partied too much this weekend, either is possible. Too old for all that fal-de-ral. But the leaves are wrong for a geranium.

If you chop the blooming thing it'll likely wither and die, I'd wait until after it blooms and then trim it back about half way.

Like I said about the Ivy, do whatever u like it's invincible.

Careful of poison ivy, it's everywhere.

Don's Girl said...

I need to google to see what poison ivy looks like...and I do have ivy going up the side of my house, right around the corner from this. And--well, the picture is a little fuzzy..... :)

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