Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Flight

Friday. Finally. Made it to work by 7am, instead of my usual 8am. It was still dark when I left.
Not feelin' any of that!
Anyway made it there. Quite busy and I am tired.
Yea, I gotta write some 1500 word paper on the History of Minority of Child Welfare US system...I left out a word in all that, but does it really matter?
It ain't code for "your screenplay is being fought over by Spike Lee and Stephen Spielberg~
Naw, not quite.
Even so it's Friday. I got cats. TV. Ice cream.
And a smile from a long ago day courtesy of The Monkees---with Davy Jones, who was the first older' man I ever fell in love with.....
It don't get any better than this!

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