Friday, April 16, 2010

Yea the End

Of the week. A long week, even tho the length didn't physically change.
Been involved with the writing stuff for school--
It has so intensified my distaste of scripting non-fiction-
I have yet to capture how I can describe these backyard beauties

In a paper of how organizational behavior impacts business ethics ?
So my mind floats to my co-worker SJ, who mentioned again WHEN will I
Record an audio book at she and hubby's studio, plus had I thought of radio?
I tell her again, how mystified I am since symptoms of my illness, in 2006,
Were of a stroke and my voice slurred and/or I dropped words-
SJ tells me my voice is beautiful so why am I not sharing it?
And did you hear the one, that I find this male co-worker attractive?
Well over 6 foot, dive in and die for dimples, gotta put on your sunglasses smile
Oh, and the guy makes me laugh and just fun?
Wait a sec, did I tell you he's 21?
...yea...I could go to jail...

Oh well, --it's still Friday and I wanna go back to the '60's...

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...

Oh Thomasina!!!

I think you should record your voice and do that radio thing - go on you must tell your stories - they're inspirational and funny and poignant and very, very involving!!

:-) I hope you do it anyway!

And you - Mrs Robinson - LOL!! the guy is 21 and that for me is an adult! And I'm glad he makes you laugh and makes your day!

Take care

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