Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tasty Morsel...NOT!

What is yours truly holding? What makes me grimace so? Nope, not some gi-normous Jurassic Park bug. Alas, it is a crawfish.
I'd mentioned to a co-worker, who hails from Louisiana, how I don't do much seafood, except for shrimp. And that's about once every five years. Plus, I told her how an ex took me to Louisiana, and before we arrived at his Mom's, he stopped at some crawfish hut and bought a gazillion pounds of the stuff. I also told her I lost weight on that particular trip. But I did say, if she ever brought some, I would try crawfish....uh..
And did I mention, my dad used these suckers for bait?
I digress.
Well, yesterday was the day. There was a bowl of crawfish on the table. To me it looked liked a bunch of big and dead, waterbugs! They grossed me. I told my co-workers I wasn't playing--the site did gross me. The waterbu--er--the CRAWFISH, just were piled high. OMG. I figured, my sweet Daddy would be in hog heaven to fish with this much BAIT.
The look on my face is authentic. I washed my hands until my color came off. They had to crack one open for me. The sound made me gag. I ate the tail--or whatever part it is. OK--first taste was like shrimp. I thought I could handle it. Well, then the SALT taste rained in my mouth.
No thanks.
Yesterday, first and last taste of crawfish.
Maybe I oughta buy a fishing rod for myself as a birthday gift.
Tasty morsel?
Crawfish--not even close.


Old Kitty said...

Oh good grief Thomasina put that away!!

Far, far, far away!!

I swear to all that is good and nice I couldn't even look at that pic even with your lovely self in it.

Oh good grief!

I can hear the sound the crack makes.... it's not good...

Please - these creatures were meant to stay in the deepest darkest depths of the sea/lake/lagoon/batcave from whence they came from..


Take care

Aurora said...

LOL! well you just confirmed it, i don't wanna taste them ever. However i do like other seafood - love fried calamari. took me a while though to try it and then like it. not so keen on lobster. and yes love shrimp in all forms. Serious countdown is on - 2 days till your BIG day and 3 till mine. it will be a good year.

Don's Girl said...

Well, I don't do calamari or lobster--now, I did like salmon patties when my dad made em. Granted I put alot of ketchup on em--but the crawfish...that would be a no...!


Old Kitty said...

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birhtday to you-hoo!!

Happy birhtday to you!!!

From me and Charlie!

The New Me said...

I thought we did lobster once. Or was that escargot? lol And crawfish etouffee...mmm'mmm yummy.

Don's Girl said...

I have no doubt your lured me to some seafood establishment, during our travels. Plus,I'm sure YOU did the lobster and/or the snails, while I starved.

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