Sunday, April 11, 2010


My extra long weekend does waltz to its end. Kinda bummed about that since it's been a wonderful few days...

Church was grand! It amazes me how IBOC's Pastor Rickie Rush, gives the message I need to hear. This time how Satan can play with your mind, when you're not as prayerful as you should be. I admit, I'm guilty. Have what I call a prayer pedestal (it's really a ceramic thing that held up a glass coffee table top) which I've not used as I use to. My cats perch on it tho. In days before, t I'd kneel before it and lay my hands, other times I'd wail, while other times I'd give praise.

Gotta get back to it.

On top of that, Bear and I had a sweet, short chat after service. I'm amazed, again how in a crowd of hundreds, we spot each other.

As I write this, tis early evening. The sun still shines. Gotta enjoy it before the sun sets.

I am blessed.


Old Kitty said...


A prayer pedestal. That's an amazing thing to have - helps to focus and a good reminder too!

Glad you and the cats use it - it'll be no good otherwise!

Hope you had a lovely Sunday and Monday too!

p.s love the kitty (sweet mommy?) pic from above!

take care

Don's Girl said...

The pedestal does becon me. I'd spray painted in black (it was white with blue dolphins on it). I thought I'd done a good job it, until I gotta good look after it dried. Oh well--it still works--for my prayers and the cats' perch. And indeedy, it is sweet Edie (aka Mommy) and her shadow!


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