Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Triple Tired

Yep. I'm triple tired. Why? For one, last night I didn't finish a school paper. Why? I helped celebrate the 50th birthday of Pastor Rickie Rush, of Inspiring Body of Church, at well, the Inspiring Body of Christ Church! I tell ya, never once did I think I'd hear the 80's classic, "Celebrate" by Kool and The Gang or the Sugar Hill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" in church-and everybody was on their feet! Naw- that was gonna never happen--until last night, with a few hundred other folks in tow! And Bear was there-shared a few words with him. Yea, my mind wandered after we spoke, but reality hit. I had to leave the sanctuary to get my cupcake-everybody got one as we left the church, and scoot on home. So, I'm tired because I didn't get home until per near 11Pm.
And my paper was almost done, but I couldn't stay up to finish it. So I e-mailed the instructor and told her it would be late. It's the only time, I plan to be late with an assignment. Restless, as I tried to fall asleep. A cat snoozing on your tummy doesn't help THAT much.
Tired when I got up this morning. Long, but fun day in training class--even tho one of my co-workers doesn't like me. Oh well, not sure what I did to her--considering I don't even know her name.
Then I'm tired because none, except for Crystal, of the girls really "wow" me on American Idol. Eventho they purt near all wore me out enough, I was too tired to get some Blue Bell Ice Cream for woes.
Yep. Tired.


Old Kitty said...


It's good to be tired for all the fun reasons you've just stated! Birthday parties, Kool and the Gang, cupcakes.. cat on one's tummy... I don't know about American Idol (oh alright then! LOL!). As for that weird work colleague... there's always one isn't there?!?! I hope it'll all blow over though - you can really do without such nonsense at work!

I hope you have a lovely rest later and good luck with your online assignment!

Take care

Don's Girl said...

I got a GREAT sleep last night. I needed it. Now, I can be like Mary Tyler Moore and throw my cap up in the air...

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