Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Touch of Time

It's 11:23pm as I write this. Should be in bed. I told myself I was going go at 10 om tonight. Forget the blog post for today and get some sleep, I told myself.
After I was OK with the American Idol cast off tonight, I zipped thru yesterday and today's episode of Y & R--then came in my PC room to check e-mails for one last time today and there it was....
An e-mail on Facebook. I'd actually requested to "friend" this former high school class mate. He wrote back and said his heart just lept from his chest and crashed to the floor. He was shocked to hear from me. Honestly, he and I were not the best of friends. In fact, he was a pretty good rough neck and used the word 'nigger' as easily he'd slam down a Mountain Dew in the cafeteria. Since I was 50 percent of the black student body then, I had 50 percent change he aimed it at me...
Any way, this guy, I'll call him Sebastian, is the reason I became 'cool' in high school. He razzed me alot. Picked on me, especially in this one class where he sat in front of me. I believe I even wrote about him on the blog---I'll have to dig it out. Just the same, one day, I threw a zinger back him, some silliness with "honey" or "darling' in it. He turned red. The kids around him laughed. The rough neck turned beet red. And my life in high school was never quite the same way since. I believed some where along the line we shared a couple beers, yet...
On this night, Sebastian said how over the years, he's thought of the words he said to me. He said I never deserved it. Sebastian said only a real lady would even think about trying to 'friend' him after all he did. He he apologized for his behavior and hoped I would forgive him.
The touch of time takes care of everything...
Now I must get some sleep.


Old Kitty said...

Oh Thomasina!

Wow. What a really uplifting piece. You are so good to even contact someone who has caused you hurt in the past.

I'd like to say I can forgive but I'm one of those who tries to but will never ever ever forget the pain felt so finds it very hard to let go.

But you are so right. Time is a great healer and it's something at least that this guy has acknowledged his behaviour and more importantly regrets it.

And it shows just what an amazing person you are that you took the first steps to rebuild that very broken bridge (that he broke in the first place, the silly man!).

Take care

Don's Girl said...

He was silly. A silly teen ager at the time. Only saw him a couple times thru the years--and I was amazed he had 5 kids.

I don't rebuild many bridges, yet this one--is kinda special. And I like that.