Sunday, March 21, 2010

Snow Spring

This was the scene from the side of my house. Snow. It started about 10PM or so. When all was said and done, my neck of Dallas received about 2 inches. Towns about 20 miles north of the Dallas got over 5 to 9 inches.

I had decided on Saturday night I wasn't going to church.My bed was too darn cozy. I'd watch service online. So after I got up, did some PC stuff and looked at my 'to do' list before church would be online at 11am, I would up taking a shower. Off to church I went. Sanctuary about half full. A woman and I spoke how we were both going to stay home. Alas, here we were. I did pass a few dented cars along the highway and/or in a ditch with the police right there on the way to church.
Anyway, Pastor Rickie Rush, of Inspiring Body of Christ Church aka IBOC, reminded me and the rest of the congregation: "Trouble don't last always." I needed to hear that. How the stronger the trials we go thru, the stronger the blessing. Needed to hear that too. All in all, glad I went.

Oh, and by time I left church, the snow and ice was gone. So much for the Spring Snow Storm of 2010. Because even with the snow gone, something has made me sneeze.

Yep, Spring IS here.

If you will excuse, got an orange to peel and contemplate Blue Bell Ice Cream to savor.


Laoch of Chicago said...


Don's Girl said...

HA! So much said in so few words. The snow is gone--and I think got good!

Old Kitty said...

I hope the snow thing has gone away now! Let Spring in!!


I think you deserve a whole tub of Blue bell ice cream and more for the fab effort you made to get to church in such awful weather!

oh and Bless You (for your sneeze!)

Take care

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