Thursday, March 18, 2010


Like I missed yesterday so: Happy Belated St Patrick's Day everyone!
Instead of the partake of green ale--and I just recalled one year, I sipped on green screwdrivers-I spent St Patty's Day in a back room throwing out junk. Spring cleaning I guess. Quite over due--trust me. I'm not too sure which Spring I'm cleaning for!

Wouldn't call myself a 'hoarder' I just ignored this whole back bedroom. :) Began to search boxes--yes, boxes that have sit there since I moved into the house two years ago. Honestly, I'd gone thru the boxes and pulled out what I needed-yet never really put the contents in its one space. I recall when I began to pack up to move to this house, I told myself I would throw away what I didn't need once I got IN the house. Ironically, I closed on this house on March 17, 2008 and had no clue it would this long to get this done.

Amazed what I found like a VHS of "....when Harry Met Sally." I don't have a VCR hooked up to my DVR. Which goes back to this back bedroom plan I've had for...oh, two years...Put a futon, just in case for guests, and TV hooked up just for the VCR. And I want a treadmill in there too-for an ornament :)

Also found copies of the newspaper Bear had been editor for. I re-read a couple articles he wrote, and recalled how good a writer he is. Plus, I smiled, because I'd forgotten in those early days of Bear and the paper, he would send me his articles to edit. I got really jealous of Bear and the paper too, however that's another post!

Books I'd forgotten about. A good-bye card from co-workers when I left the company I'd been with for 9 1/2 years to go to the one I'll now be 7 years in June. My first photos of Donny Osmond, when when we both were 16. Photos of pets long since gone. Cards signed by my dad. In a photo album, of my late uncle's, there was a grocery store receipt of $17 from 1948, for his mom--my grandmother who died before I was born.

Lotsa stuff to relish in and lotsa stuff to get by the curb. So glad tomorrow is trash day.

And SO glad Blue Bell Tin Roof Ice Cream awaits...


Old Kitty said...


I love your new pic of yourself! Wow!


I think it's great looking through and unpacking old memories. I like that you can then measure just how far you've gone! I think you've got a fab idea for that room - a guest room to chill out to When Harry Met Sally on the VCR! LOL! I've got tons of videos but no VCR.

Happy St Patrick's day to you!

p.s Donny Osmond?!?!

Take care

Don's Girl said...

Yes, Donny Osmond! I've quit with the tossing out for tonight. The carpet needs a thorough clean. I'd love to just rip it up, alas, I have nothing to put down in it's place...

...and again, yes, Donny Osmond!

Laoch of Chicago said...

It is always neat to go through old stuff.

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