Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It's almost 10pm and I've yet to watch tonight's American Idol!

It was 72 degrees when I got home from work tonight and I did a couple e-mail/school things, then took a walk. Needed it felt good--well, except for my feet. The heels on these suckers are so worn down. I honestly don't remember when I even bought em. I wanna say 2006..maybe.....

Let me be honest, if anybody out there wonders what to gift me with for my birthday in 29 days (that's April 8, for the rest of the world) a new pair of good tennyshoes will do just fine! Funky color and/or design. I'd relish them big time..Hey, I'm an only child. I ain't too proud to beg.

I digress.

So I get home from the calm of my walk. I know I gotta finish the paper that was due on Monday. The highest grade I could get is an 80. I almost didn't do it--but, the writer in me came out. Sure, it wasn't fiction I was scripting, but it feel GOOD. I kinda of have this school down to a routine, so my work on the novella draft, I wanted done by my birthday (eeks!) comes back into play.

Paper is sent. Flip Flops on feet. I will hit the couch and do as much of American Idol as I can. The guys were singing tonight. I can fast forward after a couple notes of the song, to the judges opinion. You just know when something is good or not....

Off to the couch-quick!


The New Me said...

I thought I just bought you shoes for your birthday...oh wait that was 1979. Never mind.

Old Kitty said...


Awwww well done you for taking a walk - but better still 80%!!!! YAY!!!!

Good for you!

And you so deserve to be watching American Idol..! :-)

Enjoy... btw you're Aries like my sister!


Take care

Don's Girl said...

HA! Well, New Me--you also treated me to hair cut--that was about 1980 or 81--and I thought you got me a dress along the way too... :)

Aurora said...

so you took the plunge and signed up for school - good for you! good luck this semester.

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