Friday, March 5, 2010


Made it thru my first week of new job training and I ENJOYED it. No joke! Sure, there's some bumps in the road--and some bumps for co-workers--yet I ENJOYED it. There are 40 of us in the room--so for me to say this, it's gotta be good!

Also my education path is gets smoother. Juggle some and kinda got the routine down a bit better. My course is all online. Although, I do admit to missing face to face interaction, I'm OK, to work on the PC, while a cat sleeps on my desk as I do the work,(on a little blanket just for them), then log off my PC and take said cat with me.

Like I'm gonna do right now. because Chinese take out, said cat, and today's Young and the Restless episode await. .

Friday. All good. No need for more to be said.

1 comment:

Old Kitty said...


What a great way to end the week - chinese take away, cat, the Young and the Restless. What more can a gal want?!?!


Take care

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