Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24, 2006 was Friday

And I had the day, in 2006, off. Took a couple days because I hadn't been feeling well. The boss suggested since I had left over vacation days from the prior year--heck why not take em? I liked my boss so I did. Good thing.

I really didn't feel so hot. Occasional headaches. Joints and muscles ached. Cold nights sweet had me drenched by morning. What I read I figured menopause symptoms or diabetes. I knew all this would pass--eventually. My energy level was zilch and lie there in bed even tho I had plans for the day with Movie Man.
On the phone Movie Man urged me, quite firm, to get out of bed and meet him for lunch like we'd planned and go to the movies to see "Something New." During our Olive Garden lunch, I didn't eat as much, and during the movie I had the chills. I loved being with Movie Man, yet I just wanted my couch--not feeling it. I do remember he tried to make me laugh. And I hope Movie Man forgives me, because I can't remember if we did anything after the movie.

I just wanted to rest. To have whatever that kept me down, would just walk on out of my bod and I get on to feeling better.

Stay tuned.

On this day, in 2010, my chum Maria, who was/is my racquetball partner asked if I was interested in still playing? We both perked up! We've not played r-ball in forever and I'm glad we're working on it! And I went to my work's computer room, after my shift, to print my school assignments and such. It hit me that I'm a student. Got home fed the birds, pet the cats, realized I gotta wash the gray out of my hair --again--, continue to research how to ship frozen pies to future customers in my soon to start pie business, plus set the time to write/work on my novella that I want the draft done by my birthday. OK, then to watch me some American Idol, after I check the guide to watch "Something New" again--because now I know I liked it.

Yes, I am blessed.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Ugh. I hope you feel better.

Don's Girl said...

Ha! Yes, I feel better. The first part of the post takes place in 2006--today was a Friday then. I'll be doing this for a few days...

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