Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ice Cream Says it All

I love ice cream.

Folks who know me and/or read this blog know how much. Back in my hometown, being taken to Moxley's, the ce cream place, was what made my day. A strawberry sundae was my order just about every time. Not until I got so out into the world, like 40 minutes to Des Moines, did I learn there were 31 flavors to be had under one solitary roof. My cousins and I ordered champagne ice. We always if this would be the time we'd get a buzz from it. Hey, we were all under ten--imaginations ran wild.

So fast forward to today. A great sale at a supermarket named Kroger--- $2.99 for 1/2 gallon of Blue Bell Ice Cream. Blue Bell has not lowered their 1/2 gallon to the what seems common lower weight of 1.75 quart...what IS that anyway? Once I moved to Dallas, it took me awhile to get on the Blue Bell bandwagon. You see, I had such a big crush on a guy back home, who's folks ran our town's version of a Dairy Queen. There was no way I cheat on their establishment, even if it was 750 miles away.

Then my co-workers kept going on and on and ON about Blue Bell. Said it was the best. I needed to try it. So, it happened to be on sale. To be safe, I got vanilla. I mean, if the vanilla is messed up, it doesn't matter what flavor you have.

Vanilla wasn't a mess. It was quite 'nilla-tasty. Hooked, that's what I was. Still am. Hooked.

In fact, my Blue Bell Chocolate Covered Strawberry 1/2 gallon of ice cream awaits in the freezer.

It don't get any better than that!

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