Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday And Some Instant Replay

Yesterday Movie Man tells me, "You haven't done a blog entry since you nearly burnt your house down."

And he's right. I tell ya, it's been of those weeks where just to get up and go to work has been a struggle. You're blessed to have a job--yet its not even close to what you want. The owning your own business idea looms so very close. I can hear Movie Man says "Uh-huh."

Moving on, I had a second interview for a different company Tuesday. In these hard days, this company is doing quite well. Seemed to be impressed with my credentials. But then we all feel that at an interview. But it was a second one. I should hear something by early week. One blessing is, they are about three miles from my house--straight down the street.

Dancing With the Stars. I'm all over Warren, yet I think Brooke I really don't know what she does Burke may win. She is quite good. And I've basked in the Dallas Cowboys' win this past week. Nice to a victory after such a hiatus.

Also, on Sunday I visited The Potter's House, and Bishop TD Jakes preached and I do mean PREACHED on "Do Something I've Never Seen Before." Let God do what He needs to do. Powerful stuff. I did do an 8am service, which well--was early--but I made it. Great, great sermon! Felt all of that and then some.

So even tho the week seemed to drag on--I still know each day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it. Sure, it's hard sometimes--but ya know, we are all blessed. I'm going back to a song I disco'd too, even in Cozumel, Mexico--way back in the day...Instant Replay--which I wouldn't mind the Cowboys do a replay and win this Sunday.

Cue the song:

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