Saturday, November 15, 2008

Burn Baby Burn

Tonight was one of those 'kinda wish I had a guy here ' nights. Purt near burnt the house down. Yea. Well. I have a nice fireplace and this was to be the coldest night --so far -- here in Dallas. So I splurged (!) for a Duraflame log. This was during the same jaunt to buy the $2.99 1/1 gallon of dee-lish-shus Blue Bell ice cream. See, I thought I'd open the chimney floo thingy the correct way.


I have astigmatism anyway, so most times stuff is fuzzy. Yea, my room was fuzzy all right---fuzzy with smoke. This little episode really did interrupt my DVR time. Opened windows, put on ceiling fans--stood outside--wonder if I should call 911. I was half way serious because I had phone in hang. I put the cats in a room that wasn't laced with smoke.

All in all, rooms are now clear. Windows are closed. Fans are off. I still don't know which way is the correct way to open the chimney floo thingy. Flowers or candles will be the decorative piece from now on.

Ice cream here I come. Cue the song--a little Disco Inferno by the Trammps...check out those outfits!

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