Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Short Stuff

The Cowboys-Bucs game was NOT pretty. Downright ugly. Yet, they won. The world will continue to spin. The sun will come up tomorrow.

The guest preacher today said "Press On"--do what God has planned for you. Philippians 3:12 was his text today. Good stuff that I needed to hear.

But right now, look at the time---I need to get wolf down a quick sandwich and head out the door-because tonight is TINA TURNER! Granted, I may have a better seat in my house, but it is TINA! This is about the sixth or so concert I've been of hers. LOVE her!!

Now, 'cuse me, gotta set the DVR, feed the cats, cuz I gotta get to gettin to witness Simply the Best...TINA!

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