Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pass the Tissue Please...

Whatever is in the air tickles my nose,. Hence the sneeze that follows could blow the house down. Throat scratches some too. Soup will smooth out that scratchiness. Heck, I just woke up from a nap. Cats stuck to me like glue. Which was sweet yet I couldn't move. When a cat is in a deep sleep they're nothing but bricks made of fur.

Thought about my business idea again--when I was awake that is. In my dreams it was all ready done. Last night I told Movie Man, over burgers at the best burger place in Dallas, Burger Island, if I don't pull off this business idea by year's end, I will be so ticked at myself. Need to get the numbers down and focus.

OJ did it. Oh wait....what year is this? And what was he convicted of? His kids are the victims in all this mess. What have their lives been like? Just need to pray for them, and even OJ. I bet he wishes he kept on his search for the 'real killers' instead of doing what he did in Vegas. OJ did it--then and now.

On a lighter note: the wind through my window has slight hint of autumn chill. Feels so good. It also has whatever tickles my nose in it. Drat! My tissues are in the other room. I'll fetch them on my way to kitchen. Gotta heat soup so it can me watch my soap, the Young and the Restless, and whatever else tinkles my fancy and not my nose.

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