Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Slow Down

Had a great walk tonight! A slight north wind made the 80 some degrees Dallas evening just right. Strolled around the park, s just up the street from my house. Lots of action there with families. Parents showing their little ones the ducks in the ponds. Helping with unsure steps. Dogs with their humans. Me loving every minute of my walk. Felt good. On my final lap I sat and watched the world around me.

A daddy held his daughter tight as she pointed to the ducks. Reminded me of my dad when we took our Sunday walks to the creek in our hometown. Walked a gravel road, which has since been paved. A house, on the way, had lots of ducks and geese in their yard. Dad and I always stopped so I could feed them bread. Dad always had a King Edward cigar in his mouth.

I do miss those walks with my dad. Those were the best daddy-daughter times. Our walks and talks. In the twilight of his life, diabetes grabbed hold of him and didn't let go until it stole his life. What walks we did share then, were just around the block--due to failing eye sight and amputation of his left foot. But we still talked. Talked about my cats, life and the football Iowa Hawkeyes. Our playroom/TV room was filled with Hawkeye stuff. When there was a chill in the outside air, we sported our matching Hawkeye jackets.

Yep, miss those walks-alot. So like today, I walk for us both.

I am blessed.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Thomasina,

Your writing is really OUTSTANDING ! I love to read your blog. I get a Google Alert for your blog every time you mention Donny. However, Merrill's wonderful also. Love the photos!
Loved the story about the walk- brilliantly written.
Hugs, from Daryl Lynn :-)

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