Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Is Here....Finally...

Not really one for Monday Mornings-work, and all. Yet this Monday couldn't get here FAST enough. All ready for work. Lunch packed. Cats and birds (outside) fed. Boxes cleaned. Coffee is cooled by the fridge for my iced coffee tonight. When I get home, will do a quick walk, get the trash out to the curb, take the contacts out and get my popcorn ready.

Cowboys. Eagles. Tonight.

Cue this older version, yet still quite relevant, song.

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Anonymous said...

GO COWBOYS!! I exchange postcards throughout the world through a site called When you ask for a name/address to send a postcard, it is sent to you at random. The other day i received a name from wherever the EAgles are based (age, the memory is going). I sent her one of Dallas and couldn't resist adding Go Cowboys! Tonights game should be great. A.

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