Sunday, September 7, 2008

1-0. First game DONE and More...

Marion got hurt. Tony took pain to his chin. Flozell still collects yellow penalty flags. Newbie Felix the Cat showed how to slink on thru the line. 1-0. Next game. Philly. Monday Night--here in Dallas. About 15 minutes from my house. This is one time I will look forward to Monday.

OK--sidebar. Finally looked at my DVR for the season premier of "The View." Hmm. Barbara tried to keep a tight leash on her panel. There is something about Elisabeth. Her attitude? Her tone. Her want to be right? I respect another person's view--yet not so much when I hear a hint of snide. Then Sherri--she said now with Sarah Palin in the campaign, the race was now 'interesting.' Oh my--where has she been the last months? Rosie and Elisabeth tussled over views. Yet, something about Whoopi--get her riled enough, she'll be Jumpin Jack Flash you worse than Rosie. Hmm. I don't watch The View daily. Felt uncomfortable watching it. Stay tuned.

Sarah Palin will sit down with Charles Gibson for her first interview. Donny and Marie Osmond may be on Larry King to chat about their stay at the Flamingo. I will tune in for both. Along with watching my DVR of Barack Obama speaking with George Stephanopoulos.

And why oh why, when I walked into a store, did CHRISTMAS decorations stare me in the face? They were a row over from the Halloween candy. It was 93 degrees outside. How can anybody think of Santa and his eight tiny reindeer when it's 93 degrees outside?
Outside of all that--back to the priority at hand. Cowboys won! Got that ice cream to go with my popcorn!
Stay tuned.

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